Monday 17 March 2014

Bateman Begins: Genesis

Bateman Returns.

After a considerable gap, Bateman Begins is back online and ready to bring you more on the select world of finance. But now, Bateman Begins will be expanding its mandate to a much broader territory. Instead of articles on just breaking into finance and interviews, you will now also get to know about personal experiences in finance – both mine as well as of those whom I’ve spoken with, along with a little bit of this and that.

It’s been over a year since I started my current private equity gig as well as Bateman Begins, and it feels like it’s been forever. I’ve talked about endless networking, cold-calling and about a guy who broke into finance from an IT internship, but I haven’t talked about how I broke in. I once mentioned how sometimes even someone you meet in a train can get you a job. Now while I didn’t stalk some poor guy during his daily commute, the way I got my job is just as bizarre.

Instead of telling you my whole story here, I’ll point you to the very inspiration of this website, Brian DeChesare’s M&I. Brian was considerate enough to run an interview with me on his website, so you can head on over there for a complete run down on how I broke in, what’s the industry like in India and what it is that I do at my job.

Read my interview here.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to comment any questions that you have below! 


  1. Hi, read your interview on M&I. Nice. Good job with the blog. Looking at how Brian has developed M&I there's a lot of scope and ground to cover in India as well. Besides your blog, has been covering a lot about Finance and also endorsing Brian's BIWS products in India.

    1. Thanks, Joel. Yes, there's definitely lots to cover in India and negligible India-specific content out there. Bateman Begins is an attempt to plug that very gap :)